Let yourself be surprised by the hidden underwater world at the Medes Islands Marine Reserve, considered the BEST IN EUROPE!

  • Duración: 2h30
  • Nivel: Bajo
  • Incluido: guía, traje de neopreno, máscara, snorkel y aletas
  • Edad mínima: 6 años
The protection that this area receives and the nutrients provided by the fresh water that comes from the river Ter, invite a great variety of animals, algae and plants to live and reproduce here.
The large meadows make this place the perfect hiding place for hundreds of species and their young, which we can easily observe from the surface, at a shallow depth.
Come and share 50 minutes of snorkeling with your family or friends, and discover, thanks to the accredited guides who will accompany you, the spectacular habitat that is found under the sea surface.
Enjoy a boat trip through its islets, and let yourself be captivated by the beauty both emerged and submerged of this privileged environment.