KAYAK ON THE RIVER TER - From Colomers to Verges

2 hour kayak trip on the Ter river that takes you from Colomers to Verges.


7½ kms of fun and beautiful surroundings.

You will be able to enjoy the river and its environment from a privileged place: your kayak! 

This is an easy excursion to do, with lots of nature on both side of the river. From your kayak you can easily spot birds, turtles or mammals, depending on the season.

This trip lasts approximately two hours, depending on paddlers and river flow.

You can do it in a single, double or triple kayak. The kayaks are very stable, but it’s still normal to get a little wet.

It is essential that you know how to swim.



Types of kayaks available:

  • Double / triple kayak : Up to three people (of any age). Without backrests.
  • Kayak with backrest : With two backrests for paddlers (In the front and in the back). This kayak can accommodate up to three people (Two adults and one child).
  • Single kayak : For one person. Single kayaks have built-in backrests. Individual kayaks are only suitable for over 14´s

Once you've paddled to Verges, a van awaits to take you back to the Colomers starting point.

Duration: Approx 2 hours.
Distance: 7,5 km (4,6 miles)
Difficulty: Easy
Boat type: Kayak (single/double/triple)